How to Fly for Free by B Lat

How to fly for free. (or for very low cost)

1. Why you should not do this.ā€¦/3fxer8/why_you_should_not_begin_cā€¦/
2. If you are ok with the pre-req, continue.

1. United Mileage Explorer Plus card
This card is currently running a promotion for 70k miles upon approval of this card. IF YOU DO NOT GET APPROVED, call the Chase reconsideration line to convince them to approve you. There is an art to this, so if you need help, I can try to coach you through it. They will OFTEN reject with ficos less than 700, so you'll NEED to call to get it approved. If you need to ask me what the reconsideration line phone number is, this game is probably not for you. It can be googled in like 10 seconds.

Note that it was 85k miles for my flight to Nepal. You will have to accumulate, or already have, 15k United miles in your United Airline account. Ping me for ways to get you to 85k miles if needed.

2. YOU MUST LOG IN with your United Airline account TO BE PRESENTED with the 70k offer. (offer expiring 6/30/17) DO NOT APPLY for any offer less than 70k miles. Sign up for a United Airlines account if needed.

3. You need to figure out how to meet the minimum spend of 3k over three months on the card. If you need help with strategy on this please let me know.

4. You'll get 2 lounge passes with this card as well. These passes provide you access to free food and booze before your free flight ;)

Note 1: This card has a $95 annual fee. Yep, you do have to pay that, and you should factor that in to if this is right for you, or not. Cancel it after a year, and pick another travel card.

Note 2: Do not do this if you cannot pay off the credit card every month and PAY ON TIME.

Note 3: Do not do this if you are trying to buy a house in the next 1 or 2 years.

Note 4: I do not get anything for providing this information to you. Be wary of those that do get incentives.

Note 5: Redemption of miles is also an art, and takes time and dedication to find flights that are the lowest mileage to the place you want to go. Have patience, target a destination, focus, wait, then lock in a flight once the mileage redemption is the lowest.

Note 6: If you have an EIN for an LLC or sole prop, you can apply for the biz and personal versions of this card to get double the miles.

Note 7: DO NOT apply for multiple travel cards from DIFFERENT banks at the same time. IF you are applying for multiple cards at once, apply for them at the same time, and they will only pull your credit history 1 time.

Note 8: THIS card application pulls Experian. Know your general credit history (pull your report prior to application so if you need to call reconsideration, you know what they are going to probe on, so you can skillfully and elegantly reply.

Note 9: As you can see, this gets COMPLICATED. If you have piles of money or do not want to bother with this, don't do it.

Iceland by B Lat

Recent travel to Iceland enlighted me in several areas. Most folks are aware that I engage in the occasional points program. Iceland is smack in the middle of a massive tourist wave over the last few years, and you can tell as soon as you arrive in the rapidly expanding airport.